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The median household income in Sturgis was $35,818 in 2015.
The median household income in Sturgis was $35,818 in 2015.
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Sturgis - Demographics & Population

Information on population, jobs, income, poverty, race, and age about your community can be hard to find all in one place. With the help of our sister site, the South Dakota Dashboard we have compiled the following demographic highlights for your convenience.  This data is sourced from various federal and state sources and is from the most recent year possible (2015 or 2016 depending on the category).

                                                                                Sturgis Meade County South Dakota
Total Population (2016): 6,832 27,693 865,454
Population Growth from 2015-2016: 2.1%  2.4% 0.9%
Median Age (2015): 40.8 35.6 36.9
Median Income (2014): $35,818 $55,515 $53,017
Poverty Rate 2015: 15.8% 9.9% 13.7%
Race (Persons of Color) 2015: 10.0% 12.2% 17.1%
*Housing Cost Burden 2015: 36.8% 30.3% 24.5%

*Housing cost burden is the share of households paying 30 percent or more of their income for housing.

Sturgis City Profile

Learn more about Sturgis in the infographic below and at the South Dakota Dashboard City Profile

2016 Sturgis City Profile

Source: U.S Census Bureau American Community Survey, 2011-2015. 

More Information

For more data and graphs on the demographics of South Dakota and the Black Hills, please check out our sister project, the South Dakota Dashboard, for interactive graphs and charts.

City Profiles – Find total population, racial breakdown, gender breakdown, poverty rates, disability rates, home ownership rates, housing cost burden data, median income, median age and more for Sturgis and other cities and towns in South Dakota on the South Dakota Dashboard.

Demographics – Find charts about population trends, age, race and children and youth.

Economy – Find charts on South Dakota’s economic output (GDP), jobs, gross sales and tourism tax.

Health – Review charts on health statistics including obesity, diabetes, health insurance coverage and disabilities.

Housing – Learn about housing cost burden and homeownerships rates in South Dakota.

Workforce – View charts on educational attainment and proportion of adults working in the Rushmore State.

Incomes – Review charts for median incomes and poverty rates in South Dakota. 

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