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State Legislators Want Pay Increase Jake DeGroot via Wikimedia Commons
November 13, 2017

State Legislators Want Pay Increase

South Dakota legislators are asking the South Dakota Executive Board for an increase in pay, reports KOTA News. The board is considering a resolution that would tie the legislators’ pay to the state’s median household income.

State legislators make $6,000 over the course of 35 working days in even numbered years and 40 working days in odd numbered years. Their pay has not been increased in approximately 20 years.  The proposed increase in pay would set legislator pay at one-fifth of South Dakota’s median household income, which was $54,467 in 2016, the year for which the most recent data is available. If approved, the salaries of legislators would increase to $10,190.

To read more about the 2018 legislative session, visit the Black Hills Knowledge Network’s website.

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